12 Jul 2020

9/8/17 Intern Morning Report – Hematuria, Urinary clots, Hypercalcemia, Renal Cell Carcinoma

CC: Bloody urine ID: This is a 56 yo M with history of hypertension and prior episodes of gross hematuria that presents with bloody urine for three days. In addition he has noticed clots in his urine, flank pain, constipation as well as decrease urine output. However, the patient denies dysuria, fevers, or weight loss. […]

10/28/16 Intern Morning Report – Genitourinary Tuberculosis

CC: 1 week of bloody, purulent urethral meatus discharge ID: 32 yo Filipino male with history of prior sexual assault with subsequent recurrent UTIs, and newly diagnosed urethral stricture s/p suprapubic catheter placement presents with 1 week of bloody, purulent discharge from his urethral meatus. On exam, he was noted to have milky, bloody discharge from his meatus and […]