January 21, 2018

Happy 2018 to all!

As a continuation of our Quality Improvement curriculum, all PGY1s and PGY2s have been assigned to 2 workshops that will teach and allow you to practice skills in developing and implementing a QI project.  These sessions are mandatory for all PGY1s and PGY2s so make sure to check your schedule on AMION for your assignments.  Be prepared to bring your top 1-3 problems to the workshop to develop as a QI project and have watched this short 11 minute video on Quality Improvement in Healthcare.

Happy Birthday to our January Residents!!

Linus Liu – January 6
Omid Yousefian – January 10
Jessica Hong – January 15
Pavan Reddy – January 16
Liya Stolyar – January 10
Eri Joyo – January 17
Julian Hirschbaum – January 17
Praveen Belur – January 17
Tiffany Pan – January 19
Lindsay Short – January 20
Silvia Coronel – January 21
Apurva Akkad – January 22
Andrea Cedeno – January 24
Kenneth Leung – January 25
Bert Liu – January 25
Lan Wang – January 25
Philip Sheth – January 29
Helen Yang – January 31
Reeni Pandya – January 31

December 6, 2017

Our annual Internal Medicine Residency Program Holiday Party will be on December 12, 2018.  Please check your emails for the location and time – we hope to see you all there!

Congratulations to all of our residents who matched into fellowship this year!

Kristen Burton – USC
Brian Butera – Henry Ford Hospital
Samuel Cho – University of Hawaii
Jonathan Lerner – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Jonathan Nattiv – USC
Newton Phuong – University of Vermont Medical Center
Megan Sattler – University of North Carolina Hospitals
Lindsay Short – UC Riverside School of Medicine
Peter Xu – USC
Omid Yousefian – University of Arizona College of Medicine at Tucson

Piyanka Chandra – CA Pacific Med Center
Ray Dong – Icahn School of Medicine Beth Israel
Jay Guan – Loma Linda University
David Herman – USC
Christopher Ko – USC
Evan Mosier – Loma Linda University
Bing Zhang – UC San Francisco

Pulmonary Critical Care
Tamana Ahmadi – UC Irvine Med Center
Mishala Bateman – USC
Praveen Belur – CA Pacific Med Center
Christopher Chang – Oregon Health & Science University
Mark Slootsky – Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University

Infectious Diseases
Pam Lee – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Navid Pour-Ghasemi – USC
Christina Yen – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Sandra Arie Chung – USC

Hematology Oncology
Kevin Do – Tufts Medical Center
Mindy Hsiao – USC
Pete Pow-anpongkul- Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Katherine Roth – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
Mihee Park – USC

Sky Wang – USC


Happy Birthday to all of our December residents!!

Alice Lee – December 2
Kathan Chintamaneni – December 2
James Zhang – December 7
Gieric Laput – December 10
Ronak Patel – December 11
Helen Shen – December 17
Nikhil Singh – December 18
Ian Roy – December 23
Nikhil Gupta – December 25
Patrick Chan – December 27
Edward Chau – December 30
Analiese DiConti-Gibbs – December 30

November 7, 2017

Recruitment is underway – thank you all for participating in helping us recruit our next group of interns!  We appreciate all the effort and time you put into making our program amazing.

This year, our graduating class had a board pass rate of 96%.  We’re so proud of them!

This week, there will be a CLER (Clinical Learning Environment Review) institutional site visit from the ACGME.  There will be site visitors walking around our hospital who may talk with you a little more about the hospital.

Happy birthday to these November babies!

Alyssa Lampe – November 6
Alexander Becka – November 6
Samuel Tomich – November 12
Mark Slootsky – November 13
Kristen Burton – November 13
James Samuelson – November 17
Jonathan Lerner – November 20
Prachi Nene – November 25
Allen Chao – November 27