30 Jun 2022

Virtual Board Review 2021

Cardiology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology & Gastroenterology- Dr. Dasgupta 
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General Internal Medicine– Dr. Sarte
Part 1 General IM Lecture, General IM Powerpoint 
Part 2 General IM Lecture

Endocrinology 1- Dr. Barnett
Part 1 Endo Lecture, Endo Powerpoint Part 1 
Part 2 Endo Lecture, Endo Powerpoint Part 2-3
Part 3 Endo Lecture

Endocrinology 2- Dr. Nguyen
Part 4 Endo Lecture, Endo Powerpoint Part 4-7
Part 5 Endo Lecture,
Part 6 Endo Lecture,
Part 7 Endo Lecture,

Hematology – Dr. Lu
Part 1 Heme Lecture, Heme Powerpoint Part 1
Part 2 Heme Lecture, Heme Powerpoint Part 2 

Infectious Diseases- Dr. Sarte
ID Powerpoint
ID Lecture 1
ID Lecture 2
ID Lecture 3

Nephrology- Dr. Lin
Nephro Lecture, Nephro Powerpoint

Oncology- Dr. Lin
Onc Lecture, Onc Powerpoint