12 Jul 2020

5/19/17 Intern Morning Report – Fevers, Fatigue, Hepatosplenomegaly, HLH

CC: fevers, malaise, mild shortness of breath ID: 40 yo female with no medical history presents for 1 week of fevers, malaise, and mild shortness of breath.  She also notes a 1 year history of intermittent fevers, fatigue, chills, night sweats, weight loss, and LUQ abdominal fullness.  On exam, she was noted to be febrile to 39.3 […]

1/20/17 Intern Morning Report – Tumor Lysis Syndrome, Metastatic Melanoma

CC: Masses, back pain, fatigue ID: 58 yo incarcerated man with HTN and history of smoking/IVDU presents with soft tissue masses on his back and legs starting 3 months ago. He started to feel low back pain at this time, along with significant fatigue. Other symptoms include weight loss over the past 8 months and intermittent fevers […]

11/9/16 Resident Morning Report – Hemarthrosis, Acquired Factor VIII Inhibitor

CC: 2 days of L knee pain and swelling ID: 58 yo homeless male with alcohol abuse and seizure disorder presents with 2 days of L knee pain and swelling.  He reports a history of frequent falls (while intoxicated) and increased joint swelling after these falls over the past 4-5 months.  Exam was notable for diffuse L […]