26 May 2022

Previous Journal Club Articles

  • SHIFT – use of Ivabradine to reduce heart rate in CHF
  • SMART – use of balanced crystalloids vs saline for IV fluid administration in critically ill patients
  • RABBIT 2 – use of basal bolus insulin vs sliding scale insulin in non-critically ill hospitalized patients with T2DM
  • AVERT – use of Apixaban to prevent VTE in ambulatory high risk cancer patients, CASSINI – use of use of Rivaroxaban to prevent VTE in high risk ambulatory cancer patients
  • PREVENT – use of adjunct SCDs vs pharmacologic anti-coagulation alone for the prevention of DVTs
    PROMISE trial – CTA vs functional testing for CAD
  • SCOT Heart – 5 year follow-up data on CTA + functional testing vs functional testing alone for CAD
  • REDUCE IT – Icosapent Ethyl to reduce TG levels and decrease CV events
  • POEM – oral antibiotics for left-sided endocarditis
  • ASPREE – aspirin for reduction of mortality and improvement of disability-free survival
  • CANVAS and EMPA-REG – SGLT2 inhibitors for CV event rate reduction
  • PARADIGM-HF – the use ARB-neprilysin inhibitor for HFrEF
  • FOURIER – use of PCSK9 inhibitors for CV event reduction