30 Jun 2022

LAC Equity Policy

To review the LAC+USC Policy of Equity, click here.

GME Guidelines for Residents/Fellows to Report Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault

These guidelines serve as a reminder to existing reporting mechanisms for sexual harassment and sexual assault.  These guidelines are intended as a quick reference to, and do not replace, current policies or procedures of USC/LAC+USC Medical Center available on-line including,  but not limited to,  the County of Los Angeles Policy on Equity (CPOE) and Department of Health Service Policy 749 (Sexual Harassment).


Sexual Harassment:  unlawful discrimination that is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and Chapter 6 of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.  All workforce members, including residents and fellows, have the right to work in an environment that encourages workforce members to treat each other with dignity and respect that is free from any form of harassment; therefore sexual harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated from any workforce member.
Conduct constituting sexual harassment may include, but is not limited to:
1. Posting, sending, forwarding, soliciting or displaying documents, or images of materials, in the workplace, that are sexually suggestive;
2. Verbal conduct such as whistling, cat calls, lewd or derogatory noises or making graphic comments about another’s body, or participating in explicit discussions about sexual experiences or desires or any other expressions with a sexual connotation;
3. Physical conduct such as touching, pinching, massaging, hugging, kissing, rubbing the body or making sexual gestures;
4. Visual conduct such as staring, leering, displaying or circulating sexually suggestive objects, pictures, posters, photographs, cartoons, calendars, drawings, magazines, computer images or graphics;
5. Sexual advances or propositions, including unwanted repeated requests for a date.
6. Threats of adverse employment actions such as rotational assignments, advancement, future letters of recommendation, etc. for refusing sexual advances of any conduct identified above;
7. Any other action found to be inappropriate in the workplace or outside the workplace that may affect the environment of learning for your graduate medical education training.

Sexual Assault (see California Penal Code 243.4; 261 PC):  while laws vary from state to state, sexual assault generally consists of, but is not limited to, the following:  (1) penetration of a body part by another body part (i.e., penile penetration of mouth, anus, vagina), or penetration of a body part by another object; (2) unlawful contact with genitalia, breast, buttocks, or other intimate body parts; or (3) unlawful exposure of genitalia, breast, buttocks or other intimate body parts.

Any resident or fellow who believes that they are a victim of or a witness to sexual harassment or sexual assault is encouraged to immediately report such an event to any one of the following individuals or offices for prompt and appropriate action, to ensure your safety and well-being and the safety and well-being of second victims (note that all persons/departments listed below have a duty to report):

1. County Intake Specialist Unit via phone at 1-855-999-2367 or https://CEOP.bos.lacounty.gov
2. Human Resources at LAC+USC Medical Center (Monique Ortega at 323 409-2300)
3. Your supervisor or anyone in your supervisor’s chain of command:  Program Director, Department Chair, Designated Institutional Official (Lawrence Opas MD, at 323-409-6931),
Chief Medical Officer (Brad Spellberg MD, at 323 409-6734, Chief Executive Officer (Jorge Orozco, at 323-409-2800) or through GME Hot Line at 323-409-5463 (323-409-LINE)
4. Any supervisor or administrator at LAC+USC Medical Center
5. Law enforcement at LAC+USC Medical Center (Sheriff’s Office, 323-409-3333)
6. Director of Resident Well Being (Tobi Fishel Ph.D., at 323-409-6925)
7. Violence Intervention Program (Astrid Heger MD) for alleged sexual assaults, 323-409-3961

The County Intake Specialist Unit (CISU) functions as a specialized resource for all County employees concerning the County Policy of Equity and the procedures for investigation. CISU personnel will respond to inquiries, including anonymous inquiries, about the Policy and Procedures and provide information to you about, among other things, your rights and responsibilities and complaint and investigation procedures concerning administrative equity matters.  The CISU is responsible for conducting the initial investigation to determine the appropriate course of action.  You will be asked to cooperate with CISU investigations.

The GME office is available to answer any questions or concerns at (323) 409-6931.  For after-hours inquiries, please have the County operator page Lawrence Opas, MD, Senior Dean Graduate Medical Education and Designated Institutional Official, or you can reach him by beeper at (213) 919-7720.  Dr. Tobi Fishel, Director of Resident Well-being, is available to you as well at (323) 409-6925.

Lawrence Opas, MD
Senior Associate Dean GME
Designated Institutional Official
Phone: 323 409-6931
Beeper: 213 919-7720
Cell: 818 269-7839