30 Jun 2022

Conference Rewards Program

Going forward, we will be instituting a new program which will reward interns and residents who attend noon conference with free days off during their next ambulatory rotation.

  • How does this program work?
    Each time you attend noon conference, you should sign the sign-in sheet; your signature will serve as a ‘raffle ticket’ for your day off. Thus the more conferences you go to, the higher your chance of winning the day off.
  • How often do winners get selected?
    We will be picking winners every 2 months.
  • How many winners are there?
    We will randomly be picking one winner from EACH class (so 3 total winners every two months)
  • What if I can’t make it to noon conference because it’s my day off, I’m post-call, etc?
    A: We understand that sometimes people aren’t able to make it to conference on any particular day. We hope that by spreading out this program overtime, everyone’s average chance of attending conference becomes the same.
  • Are there any limitations on when I can pick my day off?
    If you win, you can pick any day you wish on your next ambulatory block (as long as it is feasible from a scheduling standpoint).
  • Which conferences does this program apply to?
    This will apply to all noon conferences including Grand Rounds (Both by the Department of Medicine and select Division Grand Rounds), M&Ms, etc. This will NOT apply to morning reports or afternoon didactics, where your attendance is already expected.