29 Sep 2020

November 7, 2017

Recruitment is underway – thank you all for participating in helping us recruit our next group of interns!  We appreciate all the effort and time you put into making our program amazing.

This year, our graduating class had a board pass rate of 96%.  We’re so proud of them!

This week, there will be a CLER (Clinical Learning Environment Review) institutional site visit from the ACGME.  There will be site visitors walking around our hospital who may talk with you a little more about the hospital.

Happy birthday to these November residents!

Alyssa Lampe – November 6
Alexander Becka – November 6
Samuel Tomich – November 12
Mark Slootsky – November 13
Kristen Burton – November 13
James Samuelson – November 17
Jonathan Lerner – November 20
Prachi Nene – November 25
Allen Chao – November 27