26 May 2022

3/8/17 Resident Morning Report – Liver Lesions, Hemangioma

CC: abdominal discomfort and distension

ID: 33 yo female with asthma presents to an OSH ED with abdominal discomfort, distension, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.  She underwent an abdominal ultrasound and was found to have a liver lesion, concerning for abscess, and was also incidentally discovered to be pregnant.  She was transferred to USC for higher level care.  Repeat abdominal US demonstrated a solid liver lesion suspicious for focal nodular hyperplasia or hepatic adenoma.  She subsequently underwent an MRI that was read to be a nonspecific liver lesion.  She then underwent a liver mass biopsy and results were suggestive of a hemangioma.


liver lesion

Pearls from morning report:

  • Even if a patient does not have risk factors for HCC (ie. chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis), a specific type of liver malignancy, fibrolamellar carcinoma, can still arise in younger individuals.
  • Hemangiomas are the most common benign hepatic tumor and most often asymptomatic with a low rate of complications, thus does not require surgical resection.
  • Consider the use of antifungals for liver abscesses in neutropenic patients or patients on longer term TPN, and MRSA coverage for staph after recent instrumentation (such as TACE).

Random trivia:

Hemangiomas may sequester platelets during surgery or other insults, triggering a bleeding diathesis and possibly internal bleeding.  The triad of a giant hemangioma, thrombocytopenia, and consumptive coagulopathy is known as the Kasabach-Merritt Syndrome.


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